The single best secret of success in social dancing is to make your partners happy. In doing so, you can expect to have many willing and enthusiastic partners with which to dance! Here are some things to strive for:

Just Say Yes
Being turned down for a dance is never fun. If you decline a dance, your chances of being asked to dance in the future are reduced. 

Q:  If I cannot make the first week, or if I am going to miss a week, should I wait until the next session?
A: No, there is no reason to wait.  Because we do review each week, you can register in the second week of the session.  You are also fine to miss a week and catch the review the next week.  If you are worried, private lessons will help too.

Q:  Do I have to wear specific shoes?
A:  In the beginning, you can wear almost any shoe that secures to your foot.  Flip flops and slip on sandals are not recommended, because you can step out of them when moving across the floor.  As you progress, you will want a shoe that allows movement. Tennis shoes tend to stick to the floor and make it hard to glide! We do sell dance shoes, and will be happy to assist with the advantages of these when you are ready.

Q:  What if I have no rhythm?
A:  Relax! If you can walk, you have rhythm.  What you may not have is the knowledge of what to listen for in the music. Our talented instructors can help you with this.  We address this in class, but can go more in depth in private lessons.

Q:  Do I have to sign up with a partner?
A:  Absolutely not! Dancing is a fun and social activity, and meeting new people is a big part of that.  To help the class progress together, we have certain times in the group classes when we all change partners.

Q:  Where can I go for Ballroom Dancing?
A:  Keep in mind that “Ballroom Dancing” refers to all dances in partner position.  In addition to Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba and Cha Cha;  there is also Swing/Jitterbug, Salsa, West Coast Swing, and Country. We also have dances every Friday night from 7:30pn to 9:30pm where we play all types of music.

Q: Can I try a dance without making a 6-week commitment?
A:  We have workshops every Friday night before the dances and we focus on one dance for a 50-minute lesson.  All workshops are beginner level and open to all.  Watch the calendar for a complete schedule of workshops offered.

Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated
The most popular social dancers are not necessarily the most skillful, but rather the ones who make clear to each partner how much that person's company is appreciated and enjoyed. Most people would rather not dance with someone who acts bored or put upon, no matter how amazing their dancing is!

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Q:  Do I have to stay with one class the entire 6 weeks?
A:  It is to your advantage to stick with the same class for the 6-week session.  We use a “review and then progress” format, so each class builds on the class the week before.

No Uncomfortable Leads
Cranking your follower's arm, pushing and pulling is not only irritating, it can result in injury. If your follower is not doing what you want, stick with the simpler patterns. 

No Back Leading
This is disrespectful and indicates that you're rejecting your leader's contribution to the partnership.