Ric Seeling has been teaching Baton Rouge to dance for over 35 years.  He began his teaching career in 1978 and taught in a downtown dance studio and LSU Leisure classes. Following his desire to make Ballroom Dancing available to students of all abilities and income levels, he opened his own studio in 1988. Joined by his wife Melanie in 1992, they have dedicated themselves to making Ric’s vision a reality. Whether you are looking to perform and compete, dance for your wedding, or just take up a fun new hobby – we’ve got a place for you! Up to a short while ago, Ballroom Dancing was perceived to be for the rich and the old.  The group classes offered nightly are very affordable and offer a great social activity to students of all ages.  Long recognizing the problems with high school dances, Ric and Melanie have been increasing the range of their student base by offering programs for teen dancers.  Melanie is currently beginning her fourth year teaching Cotillion dance classes and she taught classes at LSU for 6 years.  In addition to teaching dance steps, she focuses on team work, tolerance, courtesy,  and basic social skills.  They incorporate these principles in the Teen program offered at the studio. 

They have raised the awareness of Ballroom dancing in the community by lending their teaching and choreography skills to programs such as: Dancing with Big Buddy, St. Joseph’s Hospice, Dance to the Eagle Beat, various Mardi Gras balls and they regularly teach in high schools and middle schools, such as St. Thomas More Middle School and Central High School.

Dancing is a fun and affordable hobby which benefits students on many levels.  It offers physical benefits by providing a low impact cardio and strength training regime, it offers emotional and social benefits (the students rarely make it thru a class without laughing), mental benefits by creating new neuro pathways, and you make great friends! 

The studio currently offers group classes 5 nights a week, dances every Friday night, Teen classes, and much more!  Along with Ric and Melanie, the teachers include Brad Petrie, James Heath, Tom Chenevert and Ruby Felder. They are extremely knowledgeable and love what they do! Call us today to see which classes are right for you!

All of our instructors are talented, friendly, and amazing dancers.

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Our Team

Take a look at our talented instructors below. From Swing and Jazz to Country Westers, our team has a wealth of talent and skills to accomplish any goal you set.

Ric Seeling

Ballroom, Latin, East Coast Swing

Ric not only has a strong background in Jazz Dance, but also has been teaching Baton Rouge to partner dance for close to three decades. Our region is certainly blessed to have such a talented and dedicated teacher.

Melanie Seeling

Ballroom, Latin, East Coast Swing

Not only is Melanie one of the finest partner dance teachers in the region, but she is also Ric's wife and the mother of three adorable children. Melanie is also on staff in the Kinesilogy department at LSU.